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We Should Stop Saying These

On this episode we discuss detoxing, organics, moderation and other health and diet topics we should stop saying or change our narrative.

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New Vegan Pitfalls

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Jordan Winar: Author and Vegan Triathlete

Jordan Winar, author of "The Gazelle Mindset" and vegan triathlete shared some life lessons and knowledge of taking life head-on and living the journey.

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Saba Sahlu: AirVegan Travel App

Saba Sahlu, the creator of AirVegan, chats with us about what it's like to build a vegan travel app and gives insights on easy vegan travel.

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Pretty Patel: Meal Planning with Plan V

Pretty Patel joins us to discuss the benefits of meal planning, mixed diet relationships, and her new service Plan V, taking meal planning to the next level

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5 Vegan Myths

In this episode we visit five popular vegan myths, why they exist, and how to address them inside the community and with others.



The Show

Curiously Veg Radio sprouted up through an effort to reach plant-based and plant-curious minds alike. Our topics range from discussing scientific studies, tasty plant-based recipes, hot news topics, geeky humor, and informative interviews.

The podcast encompasses serious information, personal experience, and creative dialog. Hope and Dave have known each other for over a decade and bring to the mixing board their unique journeys into a plant-based lifestyle. Hope’s extensive research and credentials from eCornell, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and ACE give her a vast library of knowledge and expertise in the fields of health, nutrition, and fitness. Dave adds a flare of personal experience, research, and a devil-may-care attitude. This unique combination will, no doubt, leave you wanting more!

Curiously Veg Radio is the introductory beacon for CuriouslyVeg.com. Curiously Veg is a movement which will open a dialog between vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, and non-plant based people alike in an effort to help educate and open the hearts and minds of others to the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle with their personal health, the lives of animals, and the well-being of the planet. We welcome everyone to join this movement by speaking openly, calmly, and respectfully in making the world a healthier and more compassionate place.

Welcome to the show!

The Host

David Powell

“The Geek” has been designing and developing websites for over 10 years. Along with living in the fandoms of Doctor Who, Batman, Legos, and more he also uses his experience and knowledge in¬†health, exercise, and a plant-based lifestyle.¬†Though David enjoys the glow of a computer screen and spending plenty of time at his desk, he talks to fellow geeks about getting out, moving, eating right, and breaking the stereotype.

After getting to a weight of around 300 lbs and watching his father undergo a triple bypass and other ailments he decided to change his diet and began exercising regularly. After hours of study and research, David adopted a plant-based diet cutting his weight nearly in half. Today, David can be found (aside from building great websites) in the kitchen whipping up some splendid vegan dishes, lifting iron, sparing with a bag or an unsuspecting victim, and talking to you on CVR.




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