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We Should Stop Saying These

On this episode we discuss detoxing, organics, moderation and other health and diet topics we should stop saying or change our narrative.

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New Vegan Pitfalls

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Jordan Winar: Author and Vegan Triathlete

Jordan Winar, author of "The Gazelle Mindset" and vegan triathlete shared some life lessons and knowledge of taking life head-on and living the journey.

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Saba Sahlu: AirVegan Travel App

Saba Sahlu, the creator of AirVegan, chats with us about what it's like to build a vegan travel app and gives insights on easy vegan travel.

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Pretty Patel: Meal Planning with Plan V

Pretty Patel joins us to discuss the benefits of meal planning, mixed diet relationships, and her new service Plan V, taking meal planning to the next level

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5 Vegan Myths

In this episode we visit five popular vegan myths, why they exist, and how to address them inside the community and with others.

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Your Stress is Their Stress

Symptoms of stress and how it affects your health, the health of friends and family, and what you can do to relieve daily stress.

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Vegan Tattoos

From the initial visit, to the ink, transfer paper, soap, and aftercare we examine the process of going through the vegan tattoo process.

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Lindsay Wolf: Investigating Slaughterhouses

Take a peek behind the curtain and find out what it's like to be an investigator with Lindsay Wolf, VP of Investigations for MFA.

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Everyone Can Be an Activist

There are so many ways to make an impact from the big to small as long as you're touching someone. Liz and I chat about how everyone can be an activist.

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Handling Unexpected Moments

We compare and contrast how Mariah Carey and Adele handled unexpected moments, and how this teaches us how to handle what life throws at us.

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New Year's Resolutions: Making and Keeping Them

Some effective tips to create and maintain new year's resolutions. Make the new year about improving yourself to help others improve around you.

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Vegan Shopping Tips and Healthy Gifts

It's the time of year to buy gifts for others and have others buy for you. I've put together a list of vegan shopping tips and a list of healthy gifts.

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Becky Striepe: Holiday Cooking with Family

Becky Striepe joins us to talk about cooking for the holidays and interacting with non-vegan friends and family at holiday gatherings.

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Veganism isn't About Perfection

A Facebook post about avoiding medical care sparked a conversation about perfection in a plant based lifestyle and how we never achieve it.

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Howard Jacobson and Josh LaJaunie: Obesity Autopsy

Howard Jacobson and Josh LaJaunie discuss the BBC obesity autopsy, issues with fat shaming, as well as Josh's journey from being obese to running marathons

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Jen Peer-Rich: Relying on Your Inner Genius

Jen Peer-Rich is an alchemist, artist, speaker, author, and founder of Friends in Presence. Join us for a mini therapy session and inner reflection.

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Lee Day: Celebrity Pet Entertainer

Lee has had an interesting life and career being a celebrity pet entertainer performing weddings and Bark Mitzvahs for celebrities like Joan Rivers.

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Renee King-Sonnen: Cattle Ranch to Sanctuary

Renee King-Sonnen was inspired by her calf Rowdy Girl to adopt a plant based lifestyle and convert her cattle ranch into a sanctuary.

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Scott Shetler: Functional Strength & Power Training

Scott Shetler discusses functional strength and power training for athletes and average joes, plant-based infighting, and playing pranks on vegan lifters.

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The Vegan Roadie: Back With Season 2 and More Stories

Dustin Harder, The Vegan Roadie, stops in to discuss season 2 of his show, his favorite spots around the country, and about some touching stories she heard.

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Asheville VeganFest: Special Interviews and Recap

We had an amazing weekend at the Asheville VeganFest by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and spoke with Renee King-Sonnen, Matt Frazier, and Patrik Baboumian.

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Howard Jacobson - Health Educator, Author, and Broadcaster

Howard Jacobson talks about his plant-based path, evidence-based consulting, taking charge of yourself, and becoming an ultramarathoner.

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The Vegan Roadie: On the Road with Dustin Harder

Dustin Harder is the host and creator of the web series The Vegan Roadie, a plant based personal chef and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC.

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Bite Size Vegan - Emily Barwick: Activist, Artist, Educator

We talk with Emily Barwick, Bite Size Vegan, about creating compelling, informative, entertaining content for everyone as well as her own activism.

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10 Vegan Health Myths with Paola Aldana-Reyes, RDN

We discuss 10 Vegan Health Myths with registered and licensed dietitian Paola Aldana-Reyes.

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Robert Cheeke - Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness

Robert Cheeke is a natural vegan bodybuilder and entrepreneur inspiring others to achieve their goals and to keep on pushing to a healthier lifestyle.

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Sonny Mayo - Talking Plant-based and Zen With a Metalhead

We talk with guitarist Sonny Mayo of Ugly Kid Joe, Sevendust, and Snot about life on the road, recovery, spirituality, and choosing compassion.

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Interview with Gene Baur - Farm Sanctuary

Gene Baur took nearly an hour out of his busy schedule to talk with us about the 30th anniversary of Farm Sanctuary, his new book, his journey going vegan, and so much more.

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Lies, More Lies, and Damn Lies: Beware Your Sources

We discuss the lies in an article that lists animal products as healthy fats, lab grown meat, bad studies, and the Chick-fil-a diet.

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Interview with Dr. Garth Davis - Are You a Proteinaholic?

Your hosts at Curiously Veg Radio got a chance to talk with Dr. Garth Davis about his ground-breaking new book, Proteinaholic.

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Vegan MMA Fighter: Brandon Longano

What does Mother’s Finest, truck driving, MMA training, and veganism have in common? Find out on episode 8! Your plant lovin’ hosts caught up with vegan MMA fighter Brandon Longano and chatted about life on the road, training, and fueling with plants!!!

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A New Year, A New View

In this episode, we covered a few tips on creating a healthier lifestyle, integrating a plant-based diet, or going vegan in 2016.

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Arnold Says, "Get to the tofu!"

We discuss Arnold suggesting we eat less meat, industry effects, and focus on current vegan badasses.

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Being a New Vegan with Meghan Stoneburner

Meghan opens up about going and staying vegan with a non-vegan family, a full-time job, and settling into the role of being a positive role model.

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Would A Jedi Be Vegan?

We get geeky and ask "Would a Jedi be Vegan?" as well as other depths of fandom such as Doctor Who, Futurama, and Star Trek

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Interview: A New Hope Animal Sanctuary

We visited A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary and Education Center and interviewed the owners about their lives, and the animals under their care!

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Tale of Two Tired Vegans and a Fest

Today’s episode is all about the Atlanta Veg Fest, our round table talk, dirty dozen, and the Blonde Vegan.

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Intro Into Silliness and Seriousness

In our first episode we go over introductions, discuss WHO finding, vegan meat alternatives, talk Veg Fest and so much more!