Intro Into Silliness and Seriousness

Welcome to the first episode of Curiously Veg Radio!

Today, you get an introduction to your show hosts Hope Hughes, The Vegan Renegade, and David Powell, The Geek. This got fun and Dave tried to destroy the studio!

We talk about the responses, both positive and negative, to the WHO finding that set the bacon world on fire!

Did you know there is an amazing new animal sanctuary in Georgia? A New Hope is a non-profit animal sanctuary providing a safe place for rescued exotic animals, wildlife, and farmed animals in Athens, GA. For more information, check out their webpage: They have an amazon wish list where you can help furnish the rescues with the supplies they need.

Speaking of new sanctuaries, Jon and Tracey Stewart has teamed up with Farm Sanctuary to create a safe haven in New Jersey. Learn more about it at Farm Sanctuary’s website. Tracey Stewart also has a beautiful new book out that lends wonderful insight to the lives of animals. Check out Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better.
Get your copy:

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