Arnold Says, “Get to the tofu!”

Holiday season is upon us, but we got a big gift from Arnold Schwarzenegger when he spoke at the climate change talks in Paris. The icon who uttered the words “you hit like a vegetarian” said that we should be cutting down on meat.

Yep. You heard that right.

Schwarzenegger said “My friend recommends stop eating meat. I think it’s a good idea, but people won’t buy in. People will buy into stop eating meat one or two times a week – you have to start slowly. It’s a very big challenge, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.”

If that wasn’t awesome enough, he follows up by saying “ Luckily we know that you can get your protein source from many different ways, you can get it through vegetables if you’re a vegetarian…I have seen many bodybuilders that are vegetarian and they get strong and healthy.”


If this guy can change his views about the impact animal farming has on the planet, then there is hope! I know that there have been people criticizing Schwarzenegger about his statement – many saying he’s a hypocrite because he, himself, is not vegan, but I think that misses the point.

The point is we have to start somewhere. And, as my friend Brandon Longano said “Arnold is god, and what Arnold says, goes!” Granted, this was tongue-in-cheek, but it’s true that many people will listen to what he says because he is the personification of bodybuilding and, well, manliness.

Want to learn more about the United Nations Conference on Climate change? Visit  and watch informational videos and learn how you can become involved with healing our planet.

We reached out to some prominent bodybuilders, trainers, and members of the musical industry to get some of their reactions.

The Badass Vegan, John Lewis, spoke about how his words carry weight and the bodybuilding community will be watching his actions moving forward. However, having someone of his level make a statement like this will get others who would turn away from the idea to listen and make better choices.

We also reached out to UK bodybuilder and trainer, Hench Herbivore. He issued a statement to us saying, “I learned at the vegan futures event in London a few weeks back that the planet is doomed in about 60 years if things continue the same way. We need radical change and we need it yesterday! Hopefully his comments will help the bodybuilding world to see the light. There has been some amazing work in this area of late with my former training partner- 2014 Mr Universe Barny Du Plessis going vegan and of course Patrik Baboumian getting his 4th strongman world record as a vegan!”

Obviously he share’s Badass Vegan’s sentiments. Eating mounds of meat and dairy is a staple for a traditional bodybuilder and eating only plants is seen as weak and not functional.

Hench Herbivore mentioned training with Barny Du Plessis and Patrik Baboumian. These two gentlemen are wonders in of themselves and prove in what Arnold said.

Barny Du PlessisBarny Du Plessis is 2014 Mr. Universe and has switched over to a completely vegan diet and is training to compete in a different competition at the age of 40, a rare feat in his sport. About the vegan diet he said, “I have more energy, no aches, pains, niggles, doms delayed onset and muscle soreness. I have to train half as hard as I used to, and I’m recovering quicker than ever before. In the process I’m eating a tonne of good food, all the while I’m getting leaner and bigger.”

Patrik BaboumianPatrik Baboumian, is a German strongman and considered to be one of the strongest men alive. He currently holds 4 world records and attributes his recent strength improvements and records to his plant based diet. He’s stated that his recovery time is much better and he feels less weighted down allowing him to train harder and stronger.

Many young bodybuilders are turning to Youtube to get diet and training tips. Two well known youtubers are Hodgetwins and Brian Turner from “HumerousFitness”.

The Hodgetwins currently have 1.3 million subscribers and also currently went pescetarian, meaning they follow a vegetarian diet but include some fish from time to time. We know, these guys haven’t gone vegan. However, considering these two are widely known in the industry that focuses on large amounts of animal products from their protein moving nearly all of their sources to plants and being open about the diet speaks wonders.

Brian Turner, a youtuber with 80 thousand subscribers, went completely vegan earlier this year. He originally went vegan to help clear up his acne. After noticing how nice he felt he continued to adopt a vegan diet. As with most plant based vegans he began to learn about animal welfare and adopted ethics into his life as well. Just like the Hodgetwins we focuses on his diets, how he feels physically and emotionally, and demonstrates the muscle that can be built on a plant based diet.

We also reached out beyond the fitness industry to a friend of ours, Sonny Mayo, guitarist for Ugly Kid Joe. Sonny has a lot of experience with life on the road and recently went vegan. Getting an outside view from someone who’s noteworthy outside the fitness industry but also looks up to the physique and dedication of Arnold was appealing to us. Sonny issued a statement saying:

“I believe Schwarzenegger’s statement about cutting down on meat consumption will be a positive message for a plant based lifestyle. More and more athletes are siting the benefits of cutting down or completely cutting off meat consumption, for personal health and overall environmental reasons. Mr. Schwarzenegger is obviously looking at facts and realizing the truth of the disastrous cycle humans have been propagating by the “meat at every meal” lifestyle. I actually believe it took courage for him to make such a statement, based on the macho culture and tough guy mindset that he personally helped create in our culture. I hope that people will consider the depth of his statement and apply the philosophy of going meatless at least a couple days a week or, even better, completely cutting meat out of their diets.”

Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Ugly Kid Joe’s new album (not a sponsor, Sonny is just awesome)


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