Vegan MMA Fighter: Brandon Longano

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What does Mother’s Finest, truck driving, MMA training, and veganism have in common? Find out on episode 8!

Your plant lovin’ hosts caught up with vegan MMA fighter Brandon Longano and chatted about life on the road, training, and fueling with plants!!! Brandon chews the tofu with us about becoming vegan and how a plant-based diet has impacted his training, recovery time, and prep for fights. He talks about what influenced him to become plant-based and how he influences others, including his dad, to be open to the idea of a plant-based lifestyle.

Every vegan MMA fighter needs gear, and companies like Vehement ( has the answer with a line of vegan fight gear. Other companies are producing vegan products, so this is positive change we are witnessing in the sport of MMA and boxing.

There are more and more protein and recovery products that are offering plant-based options. We love Vega and the new supplement line Vegan Smart by John Lewis, the Bad Ass Vegan.

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