Lindsay Wolf: Investigating Slaughterhouses

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When it comes to animal rights organizations, helping others take notice, and making real change in farmed animal welfare the most vital piece are the investigators. The men and women who take on this job are rarely seen or known by the public but they make some of the greatest impact. Any undercover video you’ve seen was the act of someone putting a lot on the line to expose animal cruelty as it really happens.

Investigating Slaughterhouses

While in L.A., Lindsay Wolf, Vice President of Investigations for MFA, sat down with me to talk about her path as an investigator. Further into the show we discuss how she hires / trains new investigators and what life is like taking up a camera and exposing the harsh realities of slaughterhouses. It’s rare to get a peek behind the curtain. I know this will be as eye opening for you as it was for me.

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