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If you would love to support the show (and by doing so give the hosts a big thank you) we have some great opportunities for you to do so. Everything we earn goes towards support the efforts of Curiously Veg and all of our efforts. We know it’s important to know where your support is going in nearly all cases you can ensure you’re helping us do one or more of the following:

  • Upgrade equipment such as mixing boards or microphones
  • Buy or upgrade design and recording software
  • Pay for website and podcast hosting
  • Pay writers
  • Fund social advertising
  • Buy us a cup of coffee so we can keep prepping shows and stories

The better our equipment and prepping the better our product. This means we can get better guests, writers, and advertisers. All of this means we can deliver better products for you and spread the message of a healthy and plant-based lifestyle.

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Direct Support goes right to us, almost no middleman. This means we get the most use out of your support and nearly every dime goes to support the show and our efforts.


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